Owner Reviews

Hanley Lake Cove is the premier location on the upper chain of lakes. We walk to fine dining. Use the pool at our leisure or relax on the boardwalk. Views from the deck are great and water sports with access to miles of lakes and rivers begin at the end of our boat slip. Plus, we are located close to some of the best golf and skiing in Michigan.

Kathy and Bill Beebe

We have owned our Hanley Lake Cove condo for 5 years. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time living here. The pool has been a #1 hit with us and our grand kids. There are a lot of pluses,but one of the most important to us is the friendly town of Central Lake.

Dave and Jeanette Carleton
HLC condo # 14

As Hanley Lake Cove Condominium owners for the last 6 years we can offer an honest opinion of the benefits of property ownership at Hanley Lake Cove. Living downstate in Michigan we both always dreamed of having a “place on the water” which was easily accessible, well maintained, and gave us much in the way of outdoor recreational opportunities. We have all of that living at HLCC and love the “small town atmosphere” of Central Lake in Northern Michigan.

The condo units are spacious, well constructed, and are positioned to offer views of nature that will always take your breath away, no matter the season. As one of our recent guests commented, Hanley Lake Cove Condominiums is "one of the best kept secrets in Northern Michigan."

Check out what Hanley Lake Cove Condominiums have to offer – you will not be disappointed with what you discover.

Dr. Gary and Mrs. Sheri Sinar
HLC condo #6

Any realtor will tell you its Location! Location! Location! Hanley Lake Cove in Central Lake Michigan is that location. Situated between Traverse City to the South and Charlevoix to the North it offers amenities galore.

Waterfront living offers kayaking, canoeing, water skiing, fishing, or a casual pontoon ride right outside your door. You can relax on your deck and watch the boats, take a walk along the boardwalk, or just watch the blue heron, swans, ducks and other wildlife. Hanley Lake Cove is part of Michigan's Chain of Lakes with Intermediate Lake just down around the bend.

You can walk to our library, drugstore, supermarket and post office. We have a hair and nail salon, a barbershop, a general store, consignment store, and an auto repair shop. We also have Adams Madams, our own art, lamp, book, gift shop with an interior designer.

Fine Dining is available at the Blue Pelican or you can get a pizza, ice cream or a burger at Classic Pizza. There is also a bar for sandwiches and spirits. Downstairs at the Blue Pelican is an informal ratthskeller experience with a changing menu.

A public park with swings,a slide and swimming is close by.

Hanley Lake Cove units are attractive, spacious, bright and built with an eye toward quality, including Anderson windows and cement board siding. The lawn, pool, and walkways are kept groomed and attractive. We also have our own waterfall and nature preserve! The people of Hanley Lake Cove are friendly, as busy or relaxed as they want to be, and are welcoming to new people.

Join Us!

Tom and Barbara Dierwa

Our thoughts about HLC that may be useful to others:

  • The owner/developer's footprints are in the field. We found it rare that that the individuals conceiving of the project followed through in the presentation and offering of the project.

  • know the original concepts and hear how they developed, gave us confidence in the care and detail of the units.

  • As an architect having grown up in the midwest, I fond it particularly appealing to find such six inch thick exterior walls, sound insulation between units, ample insulation carefully installed and caulked and first rate wood windows. The last thirty years of living in the south reminded me of the careful attention to construction even for a likely second home.

  • The owner/developer has gone beyond usual considerations in the physical placement of the individual units in order to provide privacy yet a welcome community with lake living. Our seven seasons at HLC have been everything we hoped for.


John and Dorothy Rishling
HLC condo #19

We were one of the early owners at Hanley Lake Cove Condos in the Village of Central Lake, Michigan. It was one of our best decisions. We didn’t just buy a condo; we bought a new way of life. It is a second home for us. It is a great place to get away and relax. The view out the large window is very tranquil. Hanley Lake is a nice quiet lake. Yet we have access to several other lakes on the chain. We love to take our kayak out as well as the pontoon and go into Intermediated Lake.

The Village is a wonderful little town. The location is ideal. We have the tranquility and quaintness of a small town, but in less than a one hour drive, we can be in many wonderful areas like Alden, Boyne City, Charlevoix, Petoskey and Traverse City.

We love all the activities available to us up north. There is hiking, beaches and of course MANY golf courses in the area. The condo pool is an extra bonus. Our grand children love to swim when they come to visit.

The condo is the perfect size for the two of us. However, we have enough sleeping areas for the family to come and visit. Having a condo rather than a cottage allows us the freedom of time to be up there and relax and enjoy it. We definitely made the right decision!

Alan and Linda Kristall
HLC condo #5

My wife and I had no intention of purchasing a condo (as a second home) since we already owned one down state and spent over a year researching homes available between Traverse City and Petoskey! Although we visited several listings within the Central Lake area (and nearly settled on one near the HLC development we simply passed by without consideration until upon our sixth visit to Central Lake. We finally decided to have a look at one of the condos, as well as, view the entire development. And what a pleasant surprise! The overall quality of the construction, the views, the location were outstanding!

One of the key benefits of Central Lake is its' proxity to Traverse City and Petoskey as these areas themselves offer a host of both indoor and outdoor activities. This is an important consideration should one consider moving north year round or if you have weekend guests! The village of Central Lake with its' out-of-the way, quiet location rests mid-way between each of these great cities and can boast of great boating, fishing and all other activities you could possibly want. My wife particularly enjoys the kayaking and I the fishing but together the surrounding areas provide us with great hiking trails!

There really are so many great features and benefits to living in HLC they are difficult to ennumerate however we particularly enjoy the combination of so many positive elements within one area! With a pool, boat docking for motorized or not boats, as well as, kayaks; views of the lake which, even in the winter, are fantastic! Want to see wildlife? In the winter especially you'll have spectacular examples of deer, swans, ducks, mink, fox, birds of prey and more as they search for food in the open waters surrounding the docking facilities below our condo!

There are a good number of obvious reasons for choosing a particular location, such as those ennumerated above, however the amenities may be equally satisfying elsewhere but the quality of the construction and the builders' willingness to be flexible and work with the prospective owner was of utmost importance to us. Jack Hosmer showed a willingness to make those changes which we felt were necessary to complete the sale and continued working with us throughout the entire process!

Fred and Jan Ranger
HLC condo #20